Classical Lines 98

Classical Lines 98 is the best of lines game. It is free and easy to play. The rule is you need to put at least 5 same color balls in a row (vertical, horizontal, diagonal) to get points and these balls will disappear.

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Dict.SE Swedish - English - Swedish dictionary (lexikon)

Swedish-English-Swedish dictionary contains total 78444 words. Of which, 52669 words are Swedish - English and 25775 words are English - Swedish. Apps key features: - Offline dictionary, no internet connection required. - Search as you type. - Simple interface.

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WordFeud Finder is completely free apps that contains more than 1.5 millions Swedish, English, Norwegian, Danish and Dutch words. Key features: - Flexible searching options - Easy to switch between different languages - Fast searching and return results (specially when you define start or end word) - Free and easy to use
Word Block Drop is the best word game with a lot of fun and easily get addictive. The game helps to build English vocabulary, memory words with English dictionary built-in. Game instruction: - Clear as much words as possible to get the points. - Swap letter by choosing the first and the second letter. - Swipe the word, with four direction: up, down, left, right to clear the word.
Lön & Lån is the multi-function finance tool that helps you calculate: Percent, salary after tax and employer payment, apartment/house loan or any kind of loan. *** Main features: - Percent calculator: + Automatic calculate as you type or change any field. + Support all math operators (+,-,*,: ..) - Salary calculator:
RoadSigns Europe, UK, US : contains all road signs information as reference for your driving travelling or for taking driving tests. The application features: - Totally contains almost 2400 roadsigns information. - Easy to search and look up - Study per category - Quiz to check your knowledge - Customize number of quiz you want