Word Block Drop

Word Block Drop is the best word game with a lot of fun and easily get addictive. The game helps to build English vocabulary, memory words with English dictionary built-in.

Game instruction:
- Clear as much words as possible to get the points.
- Swap letter by choosing the first and the second letter.
- Swipe the word, with four direction: up, down, left, right to clear the word.
- If the word is in the word list, the word will be disappear, letter above will be drop down, points will be added.
- Look up the word by dictionary built-in.
- The word must be equal or more than 3 characters, not count plura form.
- Word list and dictionary are based on WordNet.
- To get to next level, you first need to pass initial 100 points and then additional 1 point for each two level.

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